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Legal warranty

We are responsible for the legal warranty on all the products we sell. This is not to be confused with a manufacturer-or product warranty. Both are an additional warranty provided by the brand itself.

Warranty Terms

You will find our warranty conditions in our general conditions. During your order you will be asked to confirm our general conditions.

In general defects are covered by the manufacturer's warranty that are the result of incorrect manufacture. Warranty is not provided against defects that are the result of actions or conditions that are not related to improper manufacture.

If the product is not used conform the guidelines of the manufacturer or that reasonably can be expected at normal use, certain components and characteristics can be excluded from the product warranty.

As an official dealer we supply you a warranty booklet, card or certificate with all products. This booklet, card or certificate should be retained in order to claim warranty from us or any international dealer.

Warranty is not offered in case of an unauthorized repair or opening of the product.

Return for warranty

If you want to return a product for a check and/or warranty, we ask you to contact us. Upon receipt we examine the product and your warranty request. Normally then we ship the product to the brand for a check and/or repair.

When the defect is conform our warranty conditions the product will be repaired free of charge. When the defect is not conform our warranty conditions we will inform you and send a cost calculation. This cost calculation can be accepted or refused. When you accept you must pay the cost of repair before the repair itself. When you reject, we reserve the right to charge research costs and/or shipping costs before the product will be returned to you.

The repair time depends on the particular brand, country of origin and availability of parts. We can inform you about an expectation of the repair time. Normally a standard repair takes 2-4 weeks.