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As official dealer of famous watch winder brands such as Swiss Kubik, Benson en Orbita and with more than 18 years of experience in the field of watch winders, we may say that we are specialists. offers you the most up-to-date collections, competitive prices and excellent service.

A watch winder is a functional accessory for automatic watches. By simulating wrist movement, a watch winder provides the caliber of one or more automatic watches with energy so that it will continue to "run". This keeps the automatic watch running nicely on time and various functions such as the date, chronograph and moon phase remain set.

The use of a watch winder has a positive influence on the durability and preservation of your automatic watches because the important parts of the caliber keep in motion and the oil is well distributed. A watch winder is also a functional accessory to safely store your automatic watches and protects the automatic watches against dust, condensation and/or other external influences.

With a collection of more than 15 watch winder brands, we always offer you the most suitable watch winder to safely energize your automatic watches. Our collection includes brands such as Chronovision, Elma Motion, Heisse & Söhne, Paul Design, RDI, Bernard Favre and Boda Concept. The watch winder brands in our collection are selected for quality, durability and functionality.

How do I choose the best watch winder?

We sell watch winders suitable for one automatic watch but also for 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 or more than 10 automatic watches.

You can also search by watch winder type such as; watch winder with batteries, Swiss made watch winder, German watch winder or modern watch winder.

Every watch winder in our collection offers the most important functions for winding an automatic watch. The direction of rotation (clockwise, counter clockwise or alternating), the number of revolutions per day (TPD = turns per day) and any additional functions such as a sleep mode or speed winding. In addition, you can opt for luxury watch winders with LED lighting, extra storage space or even a watch winder safe.

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In our online shop you can safely buy a watch winder for a reasonable price. You can pay with your creditcard, PayPal or by wire transfer. We offer you favourable shipping rates worldwide via Fedex, DPD or PostNL. From our warehouse in the Netherlands we ship your order quick and safely packed. You can return your purchase within 28 days and we offer warranty on each watch winder.

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An open or closed watch winder?

As watch enthusiasts, we all know the problem that an automatic watch stops when it is not worn. This is inconvenient because you have to reset the watch for time, date and possible other functions. However, standstill also leads to deterioration, because the oil in the movement is no longer properly distributed throughout the movement. Wear and tear and defects can be the result. If you have one automatic watch and wear it every day, your watch will not quickly stop. But if you have several automatic watches, downtime of the watches that you are not wearing is a problem.

You can easily solve the downtime of your automatic watches by using a watch winder. This is a device in which you place your automatic watches, which then rotate so that energy is retained in the watches. A watch winder imitates, as it were, wearing a watch. In this way, the watches are supplied with energy in a professional and safe manner so that they continue to function. This is not only useful because you can always wear your favorite watch when you want without having to rewind and adjust it, it also improves the durability of your automatic watch.

Watch winders: 2 types

When choosing a new watch winder, it is important to make a few important choices. We have already written in many articles about the motor and functionality that are important for this watch accessory. In this article we want to describe the advantages and disadvantages of open and closed watch winders.

By an open watch winder we mean a model in which the watches are not protected but directly accessible. You can immediately place the watches or remove them from the watch winder without performing any additional actions.

A closed watch winder is a model where the watches are not directly accessible. For example, you have to open a door to place or remove the watches.

The advantages and disadvantages of an open watch winder

An open watch winder has a number of advantages over a closed watch winder. This variant is more user-friendly when you want to quickly place or remove your watches. After all, you don't have any extra actions to perform. The watches are clicked into the watch winder and with a simple action you can place your favorite watch on your wrist.

Another advantage of an open watch winder is that this type is often more compact in terms of dimensions and design. Good examples are the Swiss Kubik Startbox and Masterbox models, the Benson Compact models and Paul Design Gentlemen 1 models. All these watch winders are open at the front and very compact in design. This makes it easy to place these models in a cupboard or safe. After all, you already have a door (the cupboard door or the safe door) for the watch winder and the watches are actually already shielded.

Another important advantage is that open watch winders are often cheaper than closed watch winders. Simply because fewer materials need to be used and the design is simpler. If you know that you want to place this watch accessory in a cupboard or safe, an open watch winder is a great choice.

There are also a few disadvantages to an open watch winder. With a model that cannot be locked, you (almost) always have direct access to the watches. This means that there is little protection against children's hands, dust and possible condensation. The watches are exposed to all influences, without any protection.

One of the main disadvantages of an open watch winder is that the noise level will almost always be higher than with a closed model. The reason is simple: a door closes the watch winder and reduces perceptible noise. After all, a motor and gearbox (which are located inside the watch winder) always make a certain amount of sound. With an open model, the sound is less muffled and is therefore more noticeable. With a closed model, a door blocks a certain amount of sound. If you are sensitive to noise that a watch winder makes, for example if you want to place the device next to your bed, we recommend choosing a closed model. The differences in the sound between an open and closed model can be significant, so always take this into account when choosing a suitable model.

The advantages and disadvantages of a closed watch winder

A closed watch winder has certain advantages over an open watch winder. As described above, you can completely close a closed model so that there is no direct access to the watches. Closed models are often equipped with a door with a lock. For example with a push button, key or even fingerprint. This makes these types of models well suited to be placed almost anywhere. After all, you don't have to worry about your watches. They are safe in a closed environment.

One of the most important advantages of a closed watch winder is that it produces considerably less perceptible noise. We need to explain this briefly. Every motor and gearbox make sound, to a greater or lesser extent. This depends on the quality of the motor and gearbox, but certainly also on use. Always make sure that the motors are stopped when you want to insert or remove a watch. Holding the holder while the engine is running will put stress on the motor and gearbox and increase the risk of failure. A consequence that we regularly see when the motors are not stopped is that the motors make significantly more noise or even stop functioning completely. A repair is the result.

A closed watch winder ensures that the motor and gearbox sounds are less noticeable. This is an important advantage because every watch enthusiast prefers a watch winder that is as quiet as possible. If you place your watch winder in your bedroom, it is important that you choose a brand that offers motors with a low noise level and that this watch accessory can be closed.

A disadvantage of a closed watch winder is the price. This is considerably higher than with open models. This makes sense because the design is more complex and more materials/parts are needed for production.


Whether an open or closed watch winder suits you better depends entirely on your preferences. If you can place the watch accessory in a cupboard or safe, you can opt for an open model. If the noise level is not that important to you, an open model is also a good choice, as you will save money on the purchase.

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Swiss Kubik Aluminium Black watch winder

A watch winder makes the life of lovers of luxury automatic watches a lot easier. When you are not wearing your automatic watch, simply place it in the watch winder where it is provided with the necessary movement. This way your automatic watch is always ready for use.

When purchasing a watch winder, it is important to choose quality. Finally, you want to choose an effective and, of course, safe way of winding your automatic watch or watches. There are many different watch winder brands to choose from, all of which offer high-quality and safe watch winders. Switzerland is of course known as a watch country par excellence. Within Switzerland, however, we not only find watch brands that are more than worth it, but also watch winder brands that offer top quality watch winders.

A good example of a Swiss brand with which you are guaranteed quality is the Swiss Kubik brand. Swiss Kubik is a watch winder brand that has invested a lot of time and attention in continually improving the winding techniques of their watch winders. Even today, the brand does not stand still in this area, innovation and development are of paramount importance to this Swiss brand. With a watch winder from Swiss Kubik you are guaranteed to opt for top-shelf technology. The designs within the Swiss Kubik collection have their own unique look. Characteristic of these models are the cube-shaped designs and the fact that the watch winders are very compact. A watch winder from Swiss Kubik is generally very handy and therefore easy to place and move. Another advantage of the compact watch winders from the Swiss Kubik collection is that they can function for up to three years on a set of AA batteries. This means that you can also store the models of this brand very well in a safe. This allows you to choose the safest way to store your automatic watch.

The Swiss Kubik collection offers watch winders with various capacities. Not only the enthusiast who owns one or two automatic watches can access the collection of this brand, but also the real collector with a collection of automatic watches. In addition, Swiss Kubik offers watch winders in different price ranges. This allows the brand to target a broader audience. At Swiss Kubik, for example, you can choose the entry-level models in the Swiss Kubik Startbox series. These watch winders are simply designed, but of top quality. The watch winders from this series are therefore more competitively priced. If you would like to purchase a more luxurious watch winder, a watch winder from the Swiss Kubik Aluminum Series is a nice option.

We would like to tell you more about a specific watch winder from this series, namely the Swiss Kubik aluminum black. This model is suitable for winding a single automatic watch at a time. This watch winder is also made of aluminum and comes in black on both the inside and outside. The same model is also available in various other colors such as red, blue or orange. The watch winder is of course equipped with a Swiss made motor, which can effortlessly provide any brand and type of automatic watch with the necessary winding. You can place this watch winder wherever you want, even in places where silence is desired. With this high-quality motor, you don't have to worry about disturbing noises during the winding process. The Swiss Kubik aluminum black is adjustable by using the handy USB connection. This ensures that your automatic watch receives exactly the correct winding method. Finally, the watch winder is equipped with overwind protection, which protects your automatic watch against overvoltage. All in all, the Swiss Kubik aluminum black offers everything you need as an automatic watch enthusiast to provide your automatic watch with the necessary movement when you are not wearing it. With this watch winder in your possession, you never have to worry about disturbing noises during the winding process.

Swiss Kubik Aluminium Black watch winder

As an official dealer of the Swiss Kubik brand, we offer an extensive collection of watch winders from the brand in our webshop, including the Swiss Kubik aluminum black and various other colors from this series. The watch winders from this brand come with no less than a three-year warranty, which further emphasizes the brand's confidence in its own products.

Of course, we will carefully package your watch winder before it is shipped and you will also receive a clear manual with your new watch winder, so you can get started with your new purchase immediately. View our beautiful range of Swiss Kubik watch winders in our webshop. If you have any questions or would like appropriate advice, you can of course contact us. We are happy to help you with our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of watch winders.

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