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Watch winder: ultimate accessory for automatic watches

Posted on 27 May 2022 at 4:46 PM

Whether you are an avid collector of automatic watches or an enthusiast with a single automatic watch in your possession, a watch winder is absolutely the indispensable accessory for this hobby. The charm of a real automatic watch is mainly expressed through the application of the authentic operation of the timepiece and the old craft of the watchmaker, which is clearly reflected here. As the owner of one or more automatic watches, you want to prevent them from coming to a standstill at all times. This can cause inaccuracies in time and date display. A watch winder primarily provides the necessary energy for your watch. An automatic watch relies on movement. Where normally the natural movement of the wrist automatically winds the watch when wearing the watch, a watch winder does this by simulating this movement. This way you can wind your automatic watch when you're not wearing it. When you choose to purchase a watch winder, you not only opt for an optimal lifespan of your watch, but you also avoid a lot of frustration. After all, your watches are always immediately ready for use when you store them in this watch accessory.

In addition to the winding function, a good watch winder also offers storage space for your automatic watches, which protects against external influences and in which you leave your watches with a good feeling. In general, when designing a high-quality watch winder, a lot of attention is also paid to the design and design. Watch winders are also available in various styles and made from various first-class materials. A watch winder with allure makes your watches look extra nice and therefore serves not only as a storage place, but also very well as a display for a possible collection. In terms of capacity, there are also many different options. There are models available for winding a single watch, but also for an entire collection.

In this article we would like to bring three models to your attention from the Dutch brand Benson. Benson offers superior quality watch accessories at a competitive price. Moreover, this promising brand knows how to offer diversity in terms of appearance and capacity and watch winders with Japanese or Swiss motors are available. A first model that you should definitely have seen is the Benson Swiss Series Single 1.20 Dark Brown Leather. This stylish watch accessory is characterized by its sleek design and the classic patterned leather used for the exterior. The watch winder is also suitable for winding a single watch and is equipped with a durable Swiss made motor. This ensures that any type or brand of automatic watch can be wound without any problems. In addition, these motors ensure that the winding process is virtually silent and they are economical in terms of energy consumption. This watch accessory can be closed with a glass door and equipped with built-in LED lighting. This way you can view your watch at any time and still ensure that it is protected against external influences.

With the help of the modern LCD screen, you can easily change the settings. For example, you can set the number of revolutions per day, just like the direction of rotation. Because this watch winder is equipped with a special safety system, the motor disconnects when a watch is placed or removed. The Benson Swiss Series Single 1.20 Dark Brown Leather offers the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection. Finally, Benson uses flexible watch holders, so that almost any size watch fits flawlessly in the holder.

A second model from the Benson collection is the Benson Black Series 4.16.RD Limited Edition. This watch winder stands out because it is made in a bright red color. Moreover, this is a special edition, of which only 250 were made. So you have a unique piece in your hands. This watch accessory is made of wood and then provided with no less than 12 layers of paint and a protective layer of lacquer. This watch winder from Benson not only offers the possibility to wind 4 watches at the same time, it also has extra storage space for another 3 watches. This storage space can be closed with a luxurious soft close lid. This model can be closed at the front with a glass door. On the inside, the watch winder is covered with a special soft velvet, for optimal protection against scratches or any other damage.

This watch winder is also equipped with built-in LED lighting for an optimal view of your watches. The high quality Japanese motors ensure a very solid. The watch winder is equipped with the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection. In addition, this model also offers a speed winding function, so that you can provide your watches with the necessary energy in a short time. Ideal if you're short on time! This Benson model is also adjustable with a handy touchscreen in terms of the number of turns per day and the direction of rotation.

Last but not least, we like to mention the Benson Compact Triple 3.WAS. This watch winder has a compact design and is made of a light wood color. The combination of the wooden exterior with the black interior gives this watch accessory an elegant and chic look. This design by Benson is suitable for winding 3 automatic watches, but is also available with a capacity for 1 or 2 watches. The touchscreen makes operation of the watch winder simple and fast, for optimum user comfort. Here again it is possible to set the number of rotations per day and the direction of rotation. With this watch winder you also have the programs CW, CC and Alt, an overwind protection and a power winding function. The LED lighting and flexible watch holders are also included with this model. In short, a very complete model with a stylish appearance.

With a Benson watch winder you choose a top quality watch winder at a competitive price. It is not for nothing that the brand is known as a brand that offers a very good price/quality ratio. The above models come with a minimum 2 year warranty and clear instructions for use. In addition, you will find many other models of the Benson brand in our webshop.