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Watch winders for 2 automatic watches

Posted on 10 June 2021 at 10:35 AM

If you have several automatic watches, it can happen that your automatic watches stop again. You have not worn one or more watches, so they are now standing still. If you want to wear the watch again, you have to reset the time and date and then manually wind or shake the watch again so that it is energized again and starts running.

A stationary automatic watch is annoying and uncomfortable, but you can easily prevent it by using a watch winder. A watch winder rotates the watch in a program so that the automatic watch obtains movement and thus energy. This will allow the watch to function as if you were wearing it. You no longer have to manually wind the watches and reset the time and date. Very handy and easy if you want to have your automatic watch ready to wear right away. Especially in the morning when you have to go to work or when you want to wear your favorite automatic watch to an appointment, party or outing. In short, a watch winder is the most handy and logical accessory if you have several automatic watches and you choose to preserve your watches.

Watch winder for 2 watches

If you have two automatic watches in your possession, it is best to choose a watch winder that is suitable for winding two, three or four automatic watches. Then you always have enough space for when you buy an extra watch in the future. Because we all know that a watch enthusiast always looks at other watches and waits for the right moment to make a beautiful addition to the collection.

There are all kinds of watch winders for 2 watches. There is a lot of difference in technique, material and quality. Of course, there are also many different designs and colors. This means you will always find the watch winder that suits you. There are also many different brands that produce attractive watch winders for winding automatic watches. You can think of popular brands such as Swiss Kubik, Benson, Heisse & Söhne and Paul Design. If you have a Breitling, IWC, Omega, Tag Heuer, Seiko or Davosa watch, you can easily and safely wind it in a watch winder of the above brands. A good watch winder has been developed so that they provide any automatic watch with energy without any problems, regardless of brand or model of the watch. The idea is simple, because the rotation of the watch moves the rotor of the timepiece so that the spring inside the timepiece tensions. When the spring then relaxes, the watch starts to run. A watch winder mimics the wearing of a watch, as it were. This makes the use of a watch winder the purest form of winding a watch.

How do you recognize a good watch winder for 2 watches?

If you don't know much about watch winders and how they work, choosing a good watch winder can be quite difficult. There is a lot of choice and in different price ranges. In addition, there are various brands with their own technology, quality and price level. How do you know what to choose best for winding your automatic watches?

In our opinion, if you want to buy a watch winder, you should carefully consider the following aspects. The brand in question is of course important. There is a lot of choice from various brands and there are large differences in quality and finish. We recommend that you always use a watch winder from buy a good brand known for its good quality and good reputation. You do not want to place an automatic watch in a moderate-quality watch winder. Not only can this be bad for your watch, but this type of watch winders often do not have a long life, so that cheap can become expensive in the long run. It is better to spend a little more money on a watch winder that you can enjoy for years to come. This is also much safer for your automatic watches. The Dutch brand Benson proves that a good watch winder really does not have to be expensive with its new Compact Single, Compact Double and Compact Triple watch winders. These series start from 199.00 euros and offer everything you need to wind an automatic watch.

Our advice is to never buy a watch winder with a Chinese motor that is widely offered on Amazon, Ebay and Aliexpress platforms. This type of watch winders do not offer you the quality and durability for a good energy supply of automatic watches. These watch winders are often produced in large quantities in Asia and sold to companies that put a chic brand name on them. This is to mislead the consumer. The cheaper price seems interesting, but often results in disappointment if the watch winder breaks quickly or damage occurs to the watch.

Another important point that we want to mention is the functionality of the watch winder. A good watch winder must be able to rotate clockwise, counter-clockwise and alternately to provide all automatic watches with energy. Various watch winders have a fixed number of revolutions that they turn per day. You cannot change this. However, almost all watch winders on our website have the function to set the number of revolutions per day (TPD: turns per day). This gives you the opportunity to set the direction of rotation and the TPD to the exact needs of the automatic watch. An automatic watch that has to be wound clockwise at 1200 TPD will not receive any energy when the watch winder is set to 800 TPD counter-clockwise. You can set a good watch winder for 2 watches yourself in terms of rotation direction and TPD. This gives you all the options to wind any automatic watch, regardless of brand or model, quickly and safely. Whether you have a Rolex, Patek, IWC or Seiko watch is not important, the watch winder is suitable for winding any watch.

The last aspect that is important when purchasing a watch winder is the motor. The motor is the heart of the watch winder. Most watch winders are equipped with a Chinese, Japanese, German or Swiss motor. Do not be tempted to choose a watch winder with a Chinese motor. This type of motors is often not of good quality and you have a great risk that the watch winder will break or make a lot of noise when winding. Japanese motors, most commonly used in watch winders, form a good basis. These Japanese have an excellent price/quality and are durable. In addition, they are relatively cheap to replace in the event of a defect. This is different if you choose a watch winder with German or Swiss motors, which are often considerably more expensive to replace.

Watch winder brands such as Benson Watchwinders and Boda Concept use Japanese motors. If you want something more luxurious, you will end up with a German or Swiss motor. German and Swiss motors are of slightly better quality than Japanese motors and have a slightly lower sound level, which makes them slightly more pleasant to use. This does have a direct influence on the price of a watch winder that has German or Swiss motors. These motors are more expensive, which means that the watch winders that use this type of motors are also more expensive. Good examples of watch winder brands that use German and Swiss motors are Chronovision and Swiss Kubik. The American high-end watch winder brand Orbita also uses Swiss motors. Recently Benson also has a series of watch winders with Swiss motors. These new Bensen Swiss Series watch winders were presented at the beginning of this year and are an excellent choice when you are looking for a high-end watch winder.

Where can you buy a good watch winder for 2 watches?

If you include the above aspects in your choice for a watch winder, then nothing can actually go wrong. The choice then depends on your preference in terms of design, the amount you want to spend and the capacity (how many watches you can wind in the watch winder) of the model. You can also look at extra nice features that a watch winder offers. For example LED lighting, battery function, fingerprint technology or a remote control. This extra functionality does not necessarily wind up the automatic watch better, but it is handy and fun!

When you are going to buy a good watch winder for 2 watches, we recommend that you always go to an official dealer. An official dealer works directly with the relevant watch winder brand and offers knowledge and service. You will receive good advice, an original product, an interesting price and also service if you need it. This is sometimes missing from sellers who have no experience with the sale of watch winders.

We now have more than 15 years of experience in the field of watch winders. We visit brands, factories and trade fairs. We are of course an official dealer of the brands in our collection. Often these have been collaborations for many years, so we know exactly the advantages of a certain brand. This allows us to advise the customer appropriately. Because one customer is not the other, and the choice of a watch winder also strongly depends on the watches you want to wind.

As an official dealer of well-known brands such as Bernard Favre, Orbita, Scatola del Tempo, Swiss Kubik, RDI and Heisse & Söhne, we always ensure that you will find the latest models in our webshop. In the Netherlands we also have our own service point where we can repair watch winders and have almost all parts in stock. This assures you of a fast and professional service.

Would you like to know more about watch winders for winding 2 automatic watches? Visit our webshop and view the different brands and models. If you have any questions or comments, we will be happy to assist you. We can go deeper into the relevant models and provide you with advice on the basis of which you can make an excellent choice!